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Lito can read other people’s minds. Seriously. But, he doesn’t use his power in some selfish way. Au contraire! He reads other people’s minds to know what’s in their hearts so he can help them. Lito knows you have been waiting for a Leap Moment like this to change someone else’s life. Stop waiting and make it happen.
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Posted Oct 31 2012
by gus beever
Lito pretty much tore out of the box as soon as i cut the tape. he terrorized me day and night, frantically pointing at a brochure of yosemite that my idiot friend used as cushioning for him. so we went. he hopped frantically up the path with a delusional/happy look on his cute green face and demanded pictures of himself every hundred yards or so. thank you, friends for mailing this tireless gremlin. i hope my sister enjoys him because he should be at her doorstep right
Posted Mar 28 2012
by John
A quick lesson on the life cycle of frogs. Luckily he can read minds so I didn't have to verbal the answers to some of his trickiest frog reproduction questions.
A Stroll Though Central Park
Posted Mar 28 2012
by John
Lito had been begging me to take him out to see the sights of the big city, so we went for a walk through Central Park today. A starbucks coffee gave him the boost he need to make it through the rest of the walk after he gave to drag.
Guest Lecture in NYC Public Schools
Posted Mar 28 2012
by John
Being a mind reader made a lesson on physics as easy as pie for Lito. If only my students would listen as well to me as they do Lito.