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Luis is Mr. Spontaneity. He was born with a great passion and love for life. He likes to hang with people who share the same flare and excitement he does. For your leap moment, get with friends and do something spontaneous. Don’t over think it. Just do it. Luis gets the feeling it’s going to be fun.
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Posted Apr 08 2012
by Noelle
Luis goes to St Lucia every winter to escape the cold.
kick it old school
Posted Mar 02 2012
by scott
and look at everything through a different lens
take a magical journey
Posted Mar 02 2012
by scott
its great to spend time with 'magical' friends
where's luis?
Posted Mar 02 2012
by cody
oh there he is underneath a nasty pile of laundry.
Posted Mar 02 2012
by jason krebs
Posted Mar 01 2012
by Jessie
Can you teach a new frog old tricks?
Nothin' But Net
Posted Mar 01 2012
by Connor McLaughlin
Posted Mar 01 2012
by Max McLaughlin
Luis rips up Grand Theft Auto. Go Luis!
Posted Mar 01 2012
by Melinda McLaughlin
I can't wait for him to turn into a prince!!!!! Waiting for it.....waiting for it....waiting for it....