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Sammy always knows the right thing to say. Confidence is her mantra. Good thing you have her to help you, because your Leap Moment encourages you to speak up and step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid. Try something new, we dare you. Fuel your innermost Sammy.
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Sammy in the dessert
Posted Jul 02 2012
by Marco Marsan
Sammy stayed in Henderson
It's Sammy in Las Vegas
Posted Jul 02 2012
by Jameela Pineda
Sammy's tour on Las Vegas Boulevard
The Last Hurrah!!!
Posted Mar 01 2012
by 20nine
Sammy has gathered the gang together for one last hurrah. This may be good-bye for now but Sammy knows that the journey ahead will lead her and all of her friends into the wildest of adventures traversing the globe, meeting new and interesting people, and tasting all the different types of flies their destinations have to offer. But before they leave Sammy makes sure that party starts off with bang and there is fun for all to be had.