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Wogs has a deep connection to his inner child. No one can tap the wonder of youth like he can. Kids always have the most fun—that’s why Wogs wants your Leap Moment to have a spark of childlike wonder to it. Think Tom Hanks in “Big.” Eat chocolate cake with your hands—Wogs knows it’ll feel amazing. Don’t forget to send us a picture!
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Posted Jul 02 2012
by Joe Vianna
After 4 months, three planes, 5 buses, 1 train, 6 post offices, a camel, a horse and a moped - Wogs finally arrived in San Paulo, Brazil! Needless to say, he's a little tired and needed a nap.
Playground Fun
Posted Mar 01 2012
by Erin
Wog has friends but not like his pals at the playground. Look at the love, Wogs and Pandy, you have each other's eyes.