What would you do with an extra day?

2012 is a leap year. Which means 366 days. An extra 24 hours. A free pass to do something exciting. Inspiring. Spontaneous. A day just for you.

Truth be told, that’s why we created 29frogs. They’re part social experiment, part agency celebration (our name is 20nine). But more importantly, they’re your permission to seize the day. To be adventurous. To be fearless. To take advantage of this fantastic thing called leap year.

On February 29th, 29frogs hopped into the world hell-bent on inspiring you. Each frog has a backstory. A gift. Knows a way to get you moving. Your frog will put a smile on your face and light a fire under your butts so you can create memorable moments. Your Leap Moments. Not just today, but throughout the year.